how to create a mega menu using flex joomla templates

Megamenu Builder – Take full control over appearance of menu (size, width, align), choose icons for menu items and then use drag & drop to add any Joomla! modules into current menu.
Off Canvas Menu (Separate Mobile Menu)
Fluid and Boxed Layout – Use wide (default) or boxed layout variant. In a second option allows you to use custom background image forwithout editing or adding custom CSS code – all settings have easy usage.
Sticky Header with Mainmenu – Improve your website usability using Sticky Header feature. Main menu and logo will always be at the top of the screen, automatically following when user will scroll down. Easily turn the sticky header on or off in template options panel.

Flex Joomla mega Menu || How to create a mega menu using flex Ultimate

1| we are discuss for the menu this is very simple working for this flex joomla template first of all create the General menu create and sow the Group one

2| when crate new menu I can see just Go to Modules and create the new Modules in the one template or language English. Your confirm select the main menu include the main template

Go to new Modules and select the Menu section

Create the Modules and select Language and menu name Modules title hide and select the menu name and save the item


Click the main menu English go admin section

Go to admin and Go to Helix Mega menu Options

Up to Modules Move the Menu section the same way another working fo the flex joomal Mega menu create

Finally  show the menu